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General Anesthesia 

Dr. Hunzeker, for some patients, recommends that your child receive general anesthesia to aid in restoring their dental health. Dental restorations are done in surgery under a general anesthetic when your child's cavities are too extensive for local anesthesia, when your child is unable to cooperate clue to age or a medical condition. On your surgery day you will have interactions with many health care personnel such as nurses and dental assistants. Dr. Hunzeker and another doctor that specializes in anesthesia will be with your child for their entire procedure. An anesthesiologist is a physician whose job is to ensure your child does not experience pain during their procedure and provide safe, optimal conditions during the procedure, both for your child. Your child's vital signs including breathing, heart rate and blood pressure are monitored constantly and are kept in a safe range. Your child will have an endotracheal tube placed to help with respirations. Care will be taken to allow for any special medical conditions that your child may have. Prior to your procedure medicines will be given to help relax your child for the procedure. These medications also will keep your child more comfortable during surgery and reduce the amount of nausea after the procedure.


Pre-Admission Physical

H&P (History and Physical) is required to be completed by your child's physician no later than the Wednesday before surgery. No Lab work is required. The physician's office will need to FAX the completed H&P Form back to our office by the following day. Our FAX is 402-991-6541.


Outpatient Surgery Finance and Scheduling Policy

A $100 dollar deposit is required to reserve your child's appointment for outpatient surgery. This deposit is refundable so long as notice is given at least seven days prior to surgery.  In the event that a seven day notice is not give the deposit is non-refundable.

In addition any estimated portion not covered by dental insurance will be due five business days prior to surgery. Our office has several convenient independent financing options available . Please contact our office if you are interested.


Care After the Procedure

Diet: After a general anesthetic, clear fluids such as half strength apple juice, water, Gatorade, Popsicles , soda and clear Jell-0 should be given in small amounts. Crackers, chicken soup and toast can be tried slowly next. Greasy or spicy foods are best avoided during the first 24 hours following the procedure.

If vomiting occurs do not give your child anything for 2 hours, and then resume clear liquids in small amounts. If ·vomiting continues please contact Dr. Hunzeker.

Your child will have an I.V placed once they are asleep. This is to meet their hydration needs. Occasionally some facial puffiness may occur with the fluids given.

Activity: Your child should be supervised and activity should be limited for the first 24 hours. Bike riding, tree climbing, and other strenuous activities are not permitted the day of the operation. For toddlers greater supervision of walking and stair climbing may .be necessary.

Other: You may notice that your child has a sore throat or a noisy, barky cough. Cool mist may help the cough. Both the sore throat and cough should reside within 24 hours. If your child has difficulty breathing , please contact your doctor.


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Dr. Cade Hunzeker, DDS
2430 S. 179th Street
Omaha, NE 68130